'You bowed down to Black Lives Matter': LAPD officers berate Democratic councilwoman amid budget cut proposal

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Los Angeles police officers are pushing back against Mayor Eric Garcetti’s proposal to cut $250 million from the city’s budget as protests that have morphed into riots engulf the city.

On Friday, CBS News digital anchor Jasmine Viel shared a video of a large group of police officers accusing City Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez of “bowing down” to the pressure from Black Lives Matter after a week of prolonged violence and destruction that occurred amid protests over the death of George Floyd.

“You bowed down to Black Lives Matter,” an unidentified woman told Rodriguez. “These police officers that are out here protecting this city, that protected it from being on fire, if it wasn’t for them, this city would be burnt down right now.”

The response from police officers comes after Police Commission President Eileen Decker announced plans to cut $100 million to $150 million from the city’s law enforcement budget on Friday. Garcetti said the money would go toward helping the black community and added that “racial justice is something worth fighting for and something worth sacrificing.”

But officers rejected the proposed budget cut as some top Democratic lawmakers call for local police departments to be defunded or completely abolished.

“I promise you, this union will go to our grave fighting,” the representative continued. “We’re not letting this happen to these officers. It’s not right. First of all, civilians going on furloughs because you didn’t have money but now you’re finding the money to give 250 million dollars to Black Lives Matter? It was because of the Black Lives Matter on the front lines, throwing rocks and bottles at police officers, cracking their skulls, it’s because of them, because of their constant pandering at the police commission.”

The woman said that Rodriguez and other California lawmakers have allowed the riots to endanger the well-being of the community and that the officers intended to fight against the budget cut proposal.

“It’s 100 of them, but you guys are listening to them. What about the law-abiding citizens that are law-abiding? They don’t break the law. All they want is these officers to protect them, and this is what they do every day, and now you’re cutting from their families when they put everything on the line? We’re going to fight.”

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