Wisconsin coronavirus count ticks up, hospitalizations and deaths down

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Wisconsin’s coronavirus cases have ticked up over the past two weeks, but the number of people hospitalized because of the virus is falling.

Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services on Monday reported 315 new positive tests. DHS also reported 5,612 negative tests. That leaves the daily positive-test-rate at 5.3 percent.

“The increased cases cannot be explained solely by increased testing. The significant increase in COVID-19 cases is a result of our behaviors and decisions,” Dr. Jeff Pothof, UW Health chief quality officer said Monday.

UW Health warned residents, particularly younger people, to continue the practice of social distancing, continue to wear a mask, and continue to stay at home if possible.

While the number of positive cases is rising, the number of people being treated in the hospital because of the coronavirus is falling.

DHS’s numbers on Monday show 237 people in the hospital. That’s down nearly a dozen from last week, and down by more than 100 from earlier in June. There are 90 people in intensive care units who are battling the virus.

Pothof said “hospital admissions often lag behind a rise in cases.”

Wisconsin’s coronavirus death numbers are also slowing.

DHS reported 11 deaths on Saturday, but did not report any deaths on Friday, Sunday or Monday.

Since March, 28,058 Wisconsin residents have tested positive for the coronavirus, while an additional 527,359 have tested negative. DHS says 88 percent of people who’ve tested positive never show any symptoms, or recover at home. Ninety-seven percent of people who’ve tested positive for the virus have made a full recovery.

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