Trader Joe's removes pictures of circus elephants from packaging to appease PETA

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Trader Joe’s plans to discontinue package designs that contain images of circus elephants after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals successful lobbied the grocery chain.

“The new designs at Trader Joe’s perfectly reflect that our society no longer tolerates beating elephants into submission for circus shows,” a spokesperson for PETA told Fox News on Thursday. “PETA looks forward to seeing other compassionate companies follow Trader Joe’s lead and ditch old-school imagery that normalizes cruelty to animals.”

PETA said that Dane Bane, the CEO of Trader Joe’s, told them the company would not pull the existing products, but would wait until they sold out before replacing them.

The circus elephant currently appears on Trader Joe’s peanut snacks, super soft bath tissue, and organic peanut butter.

In 2018, Nabisco, under pressure from PETA, replaced their “Barnum’s Animals Crackers” classic box design featuring circus animals to pictures of animals roaming free in nature.

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