Todd Young, GOP senator, won't back Iran war-powers measure curbing Trump

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A key Republican senator has pulled his support for a war powers resolution designed to restrict President Trump’s authority to take military action in Iran.

Sen. Todd Young, Indiana Republican, on Tuesday announced that he will vote against the resolution offered by Sen. Tim Kaine, Virginia Democrat, saying he would seek changes “on the important substance that this issue demands,” rather than “delivering a politically charged message.”

While saying he appreciated Mr. Kaine’s efforts, Mr. Young said he hoped Congress would proceed “in a less politicized manner.”

Just one day prior, Mr. Young told reporters that he would “be supporting, shall we call it, Kaine 2.0., the newer Kaine language, should I have an opportunity to vote on it.”

Mr. Kaine has been working on bipartisan language for the legislation in a bid for greater support. The House has passed its own nonbinding resolution against a war with Iran.

The Kaine resolution needs at least four GOP senators to pass. Sens. Mike Lee, Utah Republican, and Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, have signaled they would back the measure.

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