White House: Fed agencies will offer guidance on vaccine 'passports'


The White House said Monday the government will issue guidance on COVID-19 vaccine “passports” so Americans can show proof of immunization at airports or other settings, as industries work through ways to reopen society while maintaining health-privacy protections.

Press secretary Jen Psaki said the actual issuance of paper or digital documentation will be driven by private companies. She said there will be no federal database or a mandate that people obtain a certain type of credential.

Federal input is a work in progress, according to Ms. Psaki, who declined to offer a timeline for the guidance.

“That issue will touch many agencies, as verification is an issue that will potentially touch many sectors of society,” she said. “A determination or development of [a] vaccine passport or whatever you want to call it will be driven by the private sector.”

She said the federal government will recommend ways for vaccine-verification documents to meet certain standards. For instance, they should be accessible to everyone, Ms. Psaki said.

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