Ted Cruz: Adviser blocks camera to hide Donna, Texas CBP facility overcrowding


Sen. Ted Cruz played on one of the Sunday political programs a video showing a woman, whom he said was a Biden administration staffer, trying to prevent him from recording a detention facility for illegal immigrants.

In the video, which the Texas Republican showed on Fox News Channel program “Sunday Morning Futures,” the woman blocks Mr. Cruz’s camera with her face.

“Please give dignity to the people. Please give dignity to the people. … Please respect the people, the rules,” she says.

Mr. Cruz told the woman “so you work for the commissioner, you’re a senior adviser, you were hired two weeks ago and you’re instructed to ask us to not have any pictures taken here because the political leadership at [the Department of Homeland Security] does not want the American people to know it.”

Mr. Cruz and Sen. John Cornyn, also a Texas Republican, led a delegation of 18 colleagues to the facility in Donna, Texas.

The Republicans released images Friday of immigrants, many of them minors, crammed into overflowing facilities, in some cases almost on top of one another.

Mr. Cruz’s video shows the staffer pleading with him not to use such images as a courtesy to the tightly-packed immigrants.

“Please don’t treat the people as such,” the staffer said.

“Your policies are unfortunately trying to hide them. I understand that you were instructed,” Mr. Cruz said. “I respect them, and I want to fix this situation, and the administration that you work for is responsible for these conditions.”

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