Rosen condemns Capitol attack, deploys federal agents


Acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen condemned the violent rioters who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday and said federal agents were being deployed to quell the conflict.

In a statement Wednesday afternoon, hours after supporters of President Donald Trump attacked Capitol police and entered the building, Rosen said the Justice Department had sent federal agents to restore order on the Hill. The department was coordinating with the National Guard, Capitol and D.C. police, as well as the Departments of the Interior and Homeland Security, acting attorney general said.

“The violence at our Nation’s Capitol Building is an intolerable attack on a fundamental institution of our democracy,” Rosen said in his statement.

Rosen had previously posited sedition charges against anti-racism protesters who took to the streets amid a reckoning on police violence this summer. Those protesters had been a common target among the Trump administration, which branded itself as an advocate of “law and order.” The Trump administration deployed federal agents to city streets across the country at the time, at times charging at and detaining protesters.

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