New 'Chamber of Progress' forms to advance liberal agenda for tech


Veteran Democratic aide and Google alumnus Adam Kovacevich is forming the “Chamber of Progress,” a new liberal advocacy coalition, to “help usher in a progressive high-tech future,” according to an announcement from the group on Monday.

The new industry group gives large technology companies new liberal muscle in Washington for their battle against the anti-Big Tech crusaders on the political right and the left who are looking to break up the dominant companies. 

The Chamber of Progress lists several prominent technology companies as partners, including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Uber. The self-described “center-left” coalition said the tech partners will not sit on its board or have decision-making authority over its policies as it aims to play a defining role in new tech regulation.

“The tech industry’s political honeymoon is over, and everyone wants to make sure that tech operates fairly towards communities,” Mr. Kovacevich said in a statement. “We’ll support sensible rules that nurture the things that people love about technology, while curbing tech’s downsides.”

The group has prioritized three policy areas: economic, social, and consumer progress. To accomplish this, the coalition wants “progressive taxation”; climate change action; and advocates “Build back better,” President Biden’s agenda, on its website.

The first policy pushed by the group is congressional Democrats’ proposed voting rights overhaul, the For the People Act, Mr. Kovacevich said. The chamber also wants state legislatures to reject “voter suppression proposals.”

Mr. Kovacevich formerly led Google’s U.S. public policy team — and touts being the company’s seventh hire in D.C. — and worked as an aide to former Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman.

“Instead of encouraging honest debates of ideas that are decided at ballot boxes, one party is unfortunately determined to change the rules,” Mr. Kovacevich said. “It’s time for federal action to ensure all Americans can vote easily — and to make our democracy stronger.”

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