Mike Pence: 'The climate is changing'


Vice President Mike Pence declared Wednesday that the climate is changing, but he refused to say whether humans were causing it and attacked the Democratic election ticket for backing the Green New Deal.

“The climate is changing but the issue is what is the cause and what do we do about it,” Mr. Pence said during Wednesday’s vice presidential debate in Utah.

The Trump administration, he touted, has made a commitment to conservation, saying forest management is the answer to the increasing wildfires on the West Coast.

He also said no more hurricanes are hitting the South than did so 100 years ago.

He took a swipe at Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris over the Green New Deal.

The proposed, pushed by progressives like millennial socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, would increase the cost of energy for every American household, Mr. Pence charged.

During last week’s presidential debate, Mr. Biden said he did not back the Green New Deal, but his campaign website says it lays out a framework for his administration.

Ms. Harris pushed back, saying Mr. Biden believes in science and will rely on experts to stop climate change which she said was an existential crisis.

“Joe believes, again, in science,” Ms. Harris said.

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