Larry Kudlow: Coronavirus stimulus before election not dead


President Trump’s economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Sunday that COVID-19 stimulus relief is not dead ahead of the November election, which is just three weeks away.

Mr. Kudlow, director of the national economic council, said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is up to $1.8 trillion — and may offer more — in his talks with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Some Republicans have pushed back against such a high number, but Mr. Kudlow told CNN’s State of the Union Sunday he expects the majority of Republicans to be united in getting targeted assistance to the American people.

Unemployment assistance, checks to American families, and loans for small businesses are areas Mr. Kudlow said the president is pushing.

“They have bipartisan support. We could do it as stand-alone bills, or an omnibus bill, or whatever. But I don’t understand the intransigence from my Democratic friends,” he said.

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