Joe Biden's dog involved in second biting incident: Report


One of the Bidens’ German Shepherds has reportedly bitten another person at the White House.

According to a report in TMZ, Major bit a National Park Service employee on South Lawn of the White House.

The Monday incident required the bite victim to receive medical treatment from the White House medical unit, the celebrity-news site reported.

This isn’t the first time the 3-year-old Major has been in the doghouse.

The dog and the Bidens’ other German Shepherd (13-year-old Tramp) were sent to Delaware earlier this month after a biting incident involving the younger dog and a White House staffer.

President Biden downplayed that incident at the time, both saying that the bite didn’t break the staffer’s skin and that sending the dogs to Delaware wasn’t a punishment or a safety matter but a pre-planned move based on the fact both he and first lady Jill Biden had planned trips that would have them both out of their new home simultaneously.

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