Joe Biden envisions two-track approach to dealing with gun violence


The White House said Wednesday President Biden is embracing a two-track approach to curbing gun violence in the United States.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Mr. Biden supports gun control bills on Capitol Hill and is exploring executive actions.

“His view, the vice president’s view, and our policy team’s view, is that it is not just about addressing gun access,” Ms. Psaki said. 

“That is important and obvious there is legislation under consideration on background checks that they both strongly support. They want to see that move forward,” Ms. Psaki said, before outlining the president’s thinking on executive action. “It is also about addressing community violence and a range of issues that are root causes and kind of lead to the deaths and impact we are seeing that is so troubling.”

Ms. Psaki did not provide any details on the possible executive actions under consideration, describing the discussions as an “ongoing police process internally.”

The debate over gun laws has intensified following the shooting this week in Colorado that left 10 people dead and the shooting last week in the Atlanta-area that left eight people dead.

Mr. Biden on Tuesday called on the Senate to approve a pair of House-passed bills that would expand background checks on gun purchases and urged lawmakers to pass a ban on assault weapons.

Ms. Psaki said no one in the administration is “talking about overturning or changing the Second Amendment.” 

“What our focus is on is putting in place common-sense measures that will make our communities safer, make families safer and make kids safer,” she said. “The majority of the American public supports background checks. The majority of the American public does not believe that anyone needs an assault weapon.”

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