GOP lawmakers tell DHS secretary to 'resist the calls of open borders advocates'


Troubled by President Biden’s early executive actions on immigration, more than two dozen Republicans sent a letter to the new Homeland Security secretary urging him to “resist” the pressure of open borders.

Led by Rep. Andy Biggs, Arizona Republican, the House lawmakers warned Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that the Biden plans for the border and immigration will be a magnet for a new surge of illegal immigration.

Mr. Biden, in addition to halting border wall building and canceling some other Trump programs, has tasked Mr. Mayorkas with leading a full review of the Trump immigration policy and recommending other parts to get rid of.

The Republicans said that would undo the successes of the Trump years, which saw the administration build a network of agreements with Latin American partners to solve the 2019 border surge.

“We urge you to resist the calls of the open borders advocates and to continue to enforce the immigration laws passed by Congress, continue MPP and the Asylum Cooperative Agreements, and resume construction of the border wall system,” the lawmakers said.

Some of Mr. Biden’s early moves are already running into legal trouble.

A federal judge in Texas put a hold on Mr. Biden’s attempt to stop most deportations, ruling the decision was arbitrary and unsupported.

And legal experts have questioned the ability of Mr. Biden to order a halt on at least some border wall construction using money Congress specifically allocated for the project.

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