George Conway wants investigation of Lincoln Project


The anti-Trump media group Lincoln Project is embroiled in a scandal threatening its survival, pitting the group’s former leaders against hangers-on clinging to hopes of survival. 

Rocked by a sexual harassment scandal involving a co-founder of the group, John Weaver, and alleged financial wrongdoing, the number of problems at the anti-Trump group are compounding. 

George Conway, another Lincoln Project founder, wants an investigation into the group’s activity. 

“An investigation is necessary,” said Mr. Conway in a series of tweets on Tuesday. “But it has to be thorough, and not a whitewash. And—THE LYING HAS TO STOP. It’s clear now that, as early [as] last *MARCH*, the people who were in operational control of the Lincoln Project … … were told of Weaver’s predations.”

Mr. Conway continued to say the Lincoln Project should waive non-disclosure agreements and allow the organization’s workers to “come clean.”

In a statement on its website earlier this week, the Lincoln Project announced it hired Paul Hastings, a large law firm, to investigate allegations involving Mr. Weaver. Lawyers at the firm have previously donated to the Lincoln Project’s cause of ousting former President Trump from office and preventing Trump-aligned candidates from winning elections too, according to reports. 

Ryan Wiggins, a woman who says she’s staying on with Lincoln Project amid reports of other staffers jumping ship, disputed media coverage of the chaos at the Lincoln Project in tweets on Wednesday. 

“The Lincoln Project is not what you are reading about in the press,” said Ms. Wiggins on Twitter on Wednesday. “You are reading about pettiness. You are reading about vendettas.”

She added, “The Lincoln Project is a movement. It’s a hard-working staff, but it is also supporters who cheered for us and donated to our cause.”

In the last seven days, the Lincoln Project’s Twitter account labeled Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, a “parasite” and retweeted content describing the Republican Party as a “domestic terror cell.”

The Lincoln Project targeted Mr. Graham alongside several other GOP senators, including Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, in the run-up to the November 2020 election before those candidates emerged victorious.  

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