Biden's 'honeymoon' approval rating at 56% in poll


President Biden’s early approval rating is a solid 56 % in a new online poll from John Zogby Strategies.

The survey released Tuesday showed that 36% disapprove of Mr. Biden’s performance in his first two weeks in office. 

New presidents often enjoy a so-called “honeymoon” period with the public immediately after inauguration.

Among people described as liberals, Mr. Biden received support from 87%, while 54 % of independents and 30% of conservatives approved of his performance, the pollster found.

A Marist poll released on Monday showed 49% of those surveyed approve of Mr. Biden’s performance, while 35% disapprove. The first Marist poll of Donald Trump’s presidency in February 2017 showed him with 39% approval.

The Zogby poll also found voters divided on whether Mr. Trump should be convicted in his upcoming Senate impeachment trial, with 49% favoring conviction and 41% opposed.

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