Majority of Democratic voters give thumbs down to crowded presidential debate stage

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Democratic presidential hopefuls will once again crowd on stage at their third debate, set to air on ABC News on Thursday. Ten candidates will be on hand to have their say. Voters are not keen on the idea.

“Most voters — including a majority of Democratic primary voters — still believe there will be too many candidates on the stage,” reports a new Politico/Morning Consult poll released Wednesday.

It found that 54% of all voters say that the number of White House hopefuls “is more than enough.” The survey found that 53% of Democratic voters agree with that.

There is some tolerance here, though. A third of Democratic primary voters say the debate stage will have “just the right amount of candidates.”

The stage likely will be more crowded in the future.

“Voters already unhappy with the size of the debate stage on Thursday are set to be disappointed: Eleven candidates have already qualified for the next debate in October, with several more on the fringes,” noted a Politico analysis of the future event.

“This virtually ensures that there will be either a larger stage or a second night of debates, as the DNC has previously said it does not plan to feature more than 10 candidates on the same debate stage,” the analysis said.

The Politico/Morning Consult poll was conducted Sept. 7-8 online among a national sample of 1,998 registered voters

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