Donald Trump Mocks 'Choker' Mike Bloomberg on Super Tuesday

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President Donald Trump spent the morning of Super Tuesday ridiculing former Mayor Mike Bloomberg ahead of the crucial set of primaries.

“Mini Mike Bloomberg can never recover from his incompetent debate performances,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Also, as mayor, he was very bad under pressure – a choker!”

Trump also warned Texas and Oklahoma residents not to support Bloomberg.

“Texas and Oklahoma: Mini Mike Bloomberg will kill your drilling, fracking, and pipelines,” he wrote. “Petroleum-based ‘anything’ is dead. Energy jobs gone. Don’t vote for Mini Mike!”

Bloomberg faces his first ballot test after spending over $200 million of his personal fortune on his campaign for president.

Polls, however, show he is unlikely to win a single state of the 14 primary elections held today.

Trump continues focusing on Bloomberg, who had a small polling bump in February before performing poorly in two Democrat primary debates.

“It just shows you that you can’t buy an election,” he told an audience at CPAC on Saturday. “I mean, it just — there’s a point in which people say, ‘You got to bring the goods a little bit, too.’”

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