Dear CNN, host a debate between Max Boot and Charles C.W. Cooke

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Like any cable news channel, CNN wants to entertain and inform its viewers. So I have a suggestion: Host a debate between Charles C.W. Cooke and Max Boot. I suggest this in light of the ongoing showdown between Boot and National Review, of which Cooke is the online editor.

Boot attacked National Review in a column on Tuesday, claiming it has embraced Trump sycophancy and white supremacist sympathies. On Wednesday, Cooke issued a scathing rebuke.

Okay, so doesn’t CNN now host a debate between the two figures?

CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed Boot about his column on Tuesday evening, so the ingredients are ripe for a follow-up debate. National Review certainly deserves at least a chance to put its position forwards. And whatever you think about Boot or Cooke, they are both well-read intellectuals who understand the importance of debate. Their debate, then, would be unlikely to descend into a silly shouting match.

It would make good and informative TV. Something we need more of.

Charles C. W. Cooke, Max Boot Charles C. W. Cooke and Max Boot

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