World Economic Forum: Controlling Our Energy and Destroying Our Future


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Dallas, TX — “The people are the only legitimate fountain of power.”—James Madison, The Federalist Papers, 1788.

Imagine, if you will, that you’re a resident of Texas in the middle of a heat wave. Air conditioning would probably be important to you.

Now imagine that you set the thermostat to cool your home and mysteriously it was cranked up without your knowledge.

That’s exactly what happened to Brandon English who told local reporters his family was taking a nap and woke up sweating after his energy company remotely dialed up his thermostat.

They’d been asleep long enough that the house had already gotten to 78 degrees. So they woke up sweating,” English said. “Was my daughter at the point of overheating? She’s 3 months old. They dehydrate very quickly…. If somebody else can manipulate this, I’m not for it.”

By the way, residents unknowingly gave their permission for the energy companies to control their temperature through a “sweepstakes” promising to pay their electric bill if they won. It’s kind of like offering money through a lottery to submit to medical experimentations.

While I don’t know if there’s a direct connection to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and this event, there is most definitely an indirect one. Afterall, Texas has gladly signed on to the WEF’s agenda to go “green” and to also push the technology that is designed to take control away from the people, like with the “smart” thermostats which energy companies can remotely control.

Klaus Schwab, WEF’s executive chairman who founded the group in 1971, sent a letter to WEF participants at the 2020 globalist gathering urging corporations and governments to “make a commitment to act on climate change.” And as a wrote last week, Schwab wants a world of “digital everything” which includes “smart” this and “smart” that in your homes which can be hacked or centrally controlled by the powers that be.

The central planners in the WEF desire to stop all carbon emissions. As it states: “Strong partnerships and commitments throughout value chains are essential for those sectors to power the systemic changes needed to deliver on the promise of a net-zero world.

The WEF is even using Texas as an example to tell us all that the “energy transition” is inevitable, and the globalists are in control.

Remember the cold snap last winter in Texas and the power outages that led to death and hardship? Just days before, Republican Gov. Gregg Abbott was gladly accepting an award for going “green.”

There are many reasons why Texas became like a Third World country, and we should be careful not to pin all the blame on just one factor. But it seems clear that the disaster was to a large degree caused by political decisions to shift toward green energy generated from solar and wind and by Governor Abbott’s authoritarian Covid restrictions,” wrote former Texas Congressman Ron Paul. 

Paul added: “Abbott, who won a wind leadership award just this month, oversaw the near-collapse of wind energy generation last week. Yet the politicization of energy generation in favor of green alternatives over natural gas and other fossil fuels has led to the unintended consequences of freezing Texans facing multiple millions of dollars in property damage and worse.

The WEF has applauded the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which manages the state’s electrical grid, as well as the local government of Austin for getting on board with the game.

You may also remember Al Gore’s 2017 “documentary” An Inconvenient Sequel (of course I won’t blame you if you didn’t see it), and he has a self-describe “conservative Republican” mayor of Georgetown, TX, Dale Ross. Ross wants us to think its just “common sense” to go “green.” While he wanted the people in his town to think it was a money saver, he probably wasn’t too happy to learn his town lost $7 million in one year. In the words of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry: “Oops.”

It’s of course not just Texas. Its federal, state and local governments here in America and governments around the world. It’s also corporations, including big oil companies. WEF has an Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders and it brags about all the oil companies on board with the agenda. Texas-based ExxonMobil is a WEF member. And the major auto makers, including welfare king Elon Musk, are prepared to go all electric thus stripping the joy out of driving.

The WEF is also using COVID-19 to promote a “transition to a more sustainable, inclusive and affordable post-COVID world” through handing all our energy control to them.

Of course, this “net-zero” ideal is insanely expensive and downright dumb, and it will lead to catastrophe. As freelance journalist F. William Engdahl wrote: “If the world is spending trillions and diverting precious resources to prepare for zero carbon, while the worst solar effects of the past 200 years or more unfold in events such as Texas and other parts of the world experience, the world would be caught unprepared for severe crop failure and mass famine.

But remember, the WEF crowd isn’t dumb. They stand to gain immense power and wealth off of the ignorant among us, and your local government is more than likely pushing it. I have covered local government for over a decade, and I can assure you that there is no local control. They are moving to “smart” everything. Your job is to inform yourself and do what you can to stop them at the local level.

“There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.”—John Adams, Notes for an Oration at Braintree, Massachusetts, 1772.

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