World Economic Forum: Are you ready for their fake food?


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Charlotte, NC — “I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.”—George Washington wrote in a letter to James McHenry, 1798.

Unfortunately, we don’t have many like George Washington controlling the food supply we rely on for survival these days. Instead, we have globalist frauds like those at the World Economic Forum (WEF) who already think they are the emperors of the world controlling our food.

Yes, the hubristic power freaks at the WEF have a plan on how they, our master, are going to shape the future of global public goods. They describe our “shared resources” because, remember, we’re all in one big global collectivist system where there are no property rights.

They’ve got the “woke” propaganda machine down pat in the WEF’s “Future of Food” page where they describe the awful impact of climate change and how we need to address inequities. But don’t you worry, because these folks think they are gods they have the solutions to “stamp out hunger,” and they will be at the forefront of the how we “fundamentally change the food system.”

Do you remember seeing news stories about ways to consume cicadas earlier this summer? Well, maybe that’s because part of the WEF’s plan is for us to eat bugs.

This article caught my eye because of its headline: Why are food prices rising? I envisioned myself sitting in the back of the classroom raising my hand enthusiastically with the WEF as my figurative teacher. Me: “Ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me! Its because megalomaniacs like you have destroyed our money supply through inflation and destroyed supply chains through your arrogance in shutting down ‘nonessential’ businesses. All in all, its because of your B.S. plan of centralization.” WEF: “Go straight to the principal’s office and stay there until you properly respect your masters.”

Over the last year and a half, we have seen the supply shock from the tyrants locking our country down. Less than a month into the scamdemic, we already had farmers forced to cull millions of animals, never to be consumed. We saw farmers giving away potatoes, at a loss, in hopes that they wouldn’t be wasted. Governments around the world are warning their citizens of further food shortages, but they follow the WEF script and assure their citizens that they don’t need to prepare.

The WEF has certainly used the COVID-19 hoax to further its agenda, but they have been advancing their goals for a long time. And, unfortunately, Americans don’t recognize how much control they already have on our food system.

Most Americans have absolutely no clue where their food comes from, and are totally dependent on the commodity-based food system that fills the shelves of America’s grocery chains,” writes Brian Shilhavy. “As a result, Americans spend the lowest percentage of their income on food than any other nation in the world.”

Shilhavy adds: “The primary reason for this is because people living in the United States do not pay the true cost of their food. U.S. government policies subsidize food costs with taxpayer funds to keep prices artificially low, which also allows them to export much of their food around the world to countries who cannot afford to subsidize their food, and therefore make it more affordable to purchase mass-produced food imported from the U.S. rather than locally produced food from their own country.”

Our government, working in tandem with their corporate cronies, targets any farmer who is independent of their machine.

Take Monsanto, a member in good standing with the WEF. Monsanto has a long history of silencing and monitoring critics and bullying small farmers with help from our government.

One way Monsanto bullies is by suing small farmers thanks to ridiculous patent laws written to benefit the government’s friends by claiming their intellectual property has been infringed due to natural cross-pollination. As The Odyssey Online states: “They’re essentially suing you because bees fly and the wind blows, and their legal squad is going to be tougher than anyone the farmer can afford. These farmers lose their livelihood and neighboring fields switch to Monsanto to avoid the same fate.”

Then there’s another WEF member, Bill Gates.

“Thomas Jefferson believed that the success of America’s exemplary struggle to supplant the yoke of European feudalism with a noble experiment in self-governance depended on the perpetual control of the nation’s land base by tens of thousands of independent farmers, each with a stake in our democracy,” wrote Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy added: “So, at best, Gates’ campaign to scarf up America’s agricultural real estate is a signal that feudalism may again be in vogue. At worst, his buying spree is a harbinger of something far more alarming — the control of global food supplies by a power-hungry megalomaniac with a Napoleon complex.”

Gates, who cheered on the lockdowns, has used our recent tyranny scarf up more and more land and a cheap price. He now owns 242,000 acres of American farmland, on top of 27,000 acres of nonagricultural land. He, by the way, wants the globe to move to fake, synthetic food and believes “all rich countries should move to 100 percent synthetic beef.”

It’s time to support those local farmers who are independent of the globalist system. If we don’t, we face an unhappy future ahead.

“I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”—Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Thomas Cooper, 1802.

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