Wisconsin Priest Ousted by Diocese for Speaking the Truth


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Milwaukee, WI — Life Site News (LSN) reported that Father James Altman was removed from his position as pastor at the St. James the Less Catholic Church by Bishop William Patrick Callahan of the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin after a campaign over recent months by an outside leftist “Christian” group demanding his ouster.

The decision to suspend his priestly faculties, which prohibits him from offering public mass, was sent to him through FedEx on July 8, according to LSN. Along with not being allowed to conduct mass, Altman is “not permitted to hear Confessions or baptize people unless they are in danger of death.

I am not surprised that the hierarchy boldly continues to try to cancel a voice of Truth. As [the] bishop stated publicly, I speak the undeniable Truth. Unfortunately for the corrupt hierarchy, I will not be silenced by any arbitrary Decree, nor will I be cowed by any action against my priestly faculties. The Truth will not be silenced,” Altman told LSN.

As the Liberty Loft reported last month, Altman was targeted by a group called Faithful America, which has no affiliation with the Catholic Church, for his “anti-vaccine antics and flouting of diocesan and county COVID-19 protocols.” Faithful America openly rejects the Bible’s teachings on issues from economics to sexuality.

Altman has consistently warned his parishioners to not be “guinea pigs” and to not submit to the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, which have recorded the most deaths of any vaccine in history according to government data.

LSN, which is a Catholic-affiliated news organization, has followed Altman’s story and launched a fundraising campaign in support of him over a month ago which raised $360,933 for his legal defense.

In May, Altman made public that he was asked to resign by Callahan but refused. Two weeks ago, Altman predicted he would be removed soon.

Heres what happens when you resign, Altman said. You suddenly lose your canon law protections as a pastor, at which time they can say well, I want to send you to Saint Lukes for a little indoctrination training. I want you to go be a chaplain at an old folks home way out in Timbuktu, where nobody will ever hear from you.’”

Altman was accused of being disrespectful to Callahan to which he responded: Now theres this idea that somehow I disrespected him. Listen, disrespect is a two-way street. The bishops disrespected every single one of you when they denied you access to the sacraments. That is disrespectful. If you want to talk about disrespect, bishops of the United States, bring it on. Right here, come sit in this chair.

After receiving notification of his removal, Altman has launched the Coalition for Canceled Priests.

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