US officials looking to restart air travel between London and NYC


U.S. officials are reportedly looking to restart quarantine-free air travel between major international destinations — with flights between New York City and London possibly starting this holiday season.

Sources told The Wall Street Journal the Trump administration is exploring the option thanks to increasing availability of coronavirus tests in the United States.

Any travel corridors would require fliers to be tested before and after flights.

The early stages of the plans have mostly focused on talks with officials in the U.K. and Germany, the Journal reported.

The major hurdle to proceeding with reopening is reportedly America’s persistently high infection rates.

Currently, U.S. travelers are effectively banned from entering the European Union and must face a 14-day quarantine if entering the UK.

Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents in the EU are allowed to travel back to the states.

A timeline for restarting travel remains unclear and it’s still uncertain how infection rates will progress this winter.

A Transportation Department told the Journal that the agency was ready to support the initiative moving forward.

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