UFC 264: The $500K dispute that turned Conor McGregor-Dustin Poirier feud nasty


A $500,000 donation, or lack of a donation, turned the respectful Connor McGregor-Dustin Poirier into a heated one.

Just before the second fight between the two UFC stars, the duo threw a $500,000 wager on the line with the loser coughing up to the winner’s charity. However, McGregor, who lost the fight in the second round, allegedly kept dodging Poirier’s team and their attempts to collect. This led to Poirier dragging McGregor’s name through the dirt over Twitter.

“That’s a fun prediction! @TheNotoriousMMA (McGregor’s Twitter handle) you also predicted a donation to my foundation and you and your team stopped responding after the fight in January. See you soon. July 10th Paid In Full!” Poirier tweeted.

July 10 is upon them, with the two lightweights facing off at UFC 264 on ESPN+ pay-per-view.

McGregor replied by defending himself and pleading that he was doing his due diligence on the charity before sending over any money. However, the accusation angered McGregor and initially led to him scrapping the trilogy.

“You’re ripped you inbred hillbilly. Why do you wink with your ears? You f—ing brain dead hillbilly. 500k with no plan in place. Ye hang tight. Fool. You must be new to money,” McGregor tweeted, but then quickly deleted the tweet. “The fight is off btw. I’m going to fight someone else on the 10th. Good luck on your old contract kid.”

Shortly after, Poirier apologized for making the incident public. McGregor then coughed up the donation, in full, and just like that, the fight was back on.

The charity of choice was The Good Fight Foundation. The foundation has built water wells and schools for countries in Africa, a playground for special needs children, and also has helped to provide transportation and tutoring for struggling youth.

In this case, the donation would help to build a gym in Poirier’s hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana. The gym would also offer free training courses to the kids in the area.

However, the donation did not derail the growing hatred between the two fighters. McGregor has been the main antagonist of the trash-talking. Not only did he leave a bizarre voice message on Twitter, but McGregor also brought Poirier’s wife in the middle of things.

The constant drama and banter have added additional drama to the highly-anticipated fight. The two fighters have split their previous two battles, and have grown into bitter rivals since their first matchup in 2014.

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