Tucker Drops Exclusive bodycam Video of Raphael Warnock’s Alleged Domestic Abuse


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Atlanta, GA — Last night on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ Tucker showcased an exclusive body came video of an incident back in March where Raphael Warnock’s then-wife, 35-year-old Ouleye Ndoye, alleged to the police that Warnock had run over her foot in the driveway of their home with the car. The couple divorced in May.

The video shows Warnock calmly claiming he didn’t realize that she had moved away from the car and didn’t think he had run over her. However, she, clearly lowering her voice so he doesn’t hear what she’s saying to the police, tells the police that he’s a great ‘actor,’ but he has ‘crossed the line.’

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🚨Tucker Exclusive🚨Police footage from Radical Liberal Raphael Warnock’s domestic dispute where his wife accused him of running over her foot with his car pic.twitter.com/Gp0oajZT8L

The days are counting down to the big Georgia runoff election on Jan. 5. However, Warnock is probably wishing the election was tomorrow. Each day we seem to learn more about who this man really is and who he is would be dangerous to the people of Georgia and the United States should he beat incumbent Kelly Loeffler.

Recently, I covered this in an article shortly after he debated Loeffler. His radical statements about Marxism and Rev. Jeremiah Wright to being arrested for obstructing a child abuse investigation at a camp he helped run, he’s a bad story magnet and just keeps giving reason after reason not to vote for him.

The Daily Mail reported that Ouleye Ndoye (35) told the officer that she had been trying to get Warnock’s signature for a passport so she can take their children to Africa for a family funeral.

When Ouleye called police, the detailed exchange is below:

‘He’s like, ‘Ouleye, close the door. I’m leaving,” she tells the officer.

And I was like, ‘just hear me out. If your mom died, and I had the kids. Wouldn’t you want me to let them go with you to the funeral? And he just starts backing the car up. He wasn’t going fast, I’m not bleeding. But I just can’t believe he’d run me over.’

Asked whether she thought it was intentional, she replied: ‘Obviously. I was standing here. The door was open, and I’m leaning into the car. How can you drive the car when I’m leaning into it?’

She told the officer she wanted to file a report.

‘This man’s running for United States Senate, and all he cares about right now is his reputation,’ she said.

‘I’ve been very quiet about the way that he is for the sake of my kids and his reputation.’

‘I’ve tried to keep the way that he acts under wraps for a long time, and today he crossed the line. So that is what is going on here. And he’s a great actor. He is phenomenal at putting on a really good show.’

The hospital first responders said she didn’t suffer any broken bones or bruising. Warnock was not charged in the incident.

Raphael Warnock is a dangerous Senate candidate and, if elected, could do tremendous harm to the great state of Georgia and be a huge advocate for the far-Left policy proposals that a Biden/Harris administration will seek.

However, a Senate candidate is never helped when alleged domestic violence accusations are attached to them. However, this adds to all the other questions and problems already swirling around Warnock.

Tread lightly, Georgians! It is imperative that Senators David Perdue and Kelley Loeffler are reelected. The country cannot stand what a Democratic Senate majority will definitely do to our nation.

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