Trump asks for more, then is blamed for hurting Americans


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Charlotte, NC — The mainstream media celebrated when the COVID-19 relief package was tacked onto the massive spending plan by Congress. For months, they have screamed that Americans were hurting and that something must be done. They felt they had accomplished their goal.

That was until President Trump spoke on Tuesday night.

President Trump posted a video online that blasted the spending plan and its waste. He listed all of the funding of other countries and the millions of dollars spent to support them. He listed out the ridiculous funding for facilities that are closed and studies that were being funded.

Conservatives agree that the package was full of wasteful spending that did little to help Americans. Little was done for targeted segments of business and society that truly needed help. All the while, Congress wanted Americans to ignore everything with a $600 check.

That’s where President Trump drew the line. He said that with all the ridiculous spending, Congress needed to turn its attention back to the American people.

President Trump said that $600 was a ridiculous amount when Congress found billions of dollars to fund countries around the world. He said that the measures for the hurting areas of society were a disgrace when we can fund gender studies in Pakistan or military equipment for Egypt.

He called on Congress to take a different approach and send him a bill that included larger payments to Americans. After all, the money that Congress is spending is truly the money of the American people. He asked to cut the ridiculous waste and focus on things that mattered.

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That’s where the mainstream media simply could not handle it anymore. After their day victory lap, they simply could not understand how President Trump would do this. How could he put at risk all of their hard work and initiatives to “help the American people.”

Trump’s stance is certainly helping the American people more than this garbage bill. By reducing the ridiculous waste, not only would it control the ballooning debt, but it would also put the focus back on Americans. Which is exactly where the focus should be.

CNN immediately started laying the blame on President Trump for holding up relief to Americans. Of course, they never complained when Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to negotiate prior to the election. They only complained about Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and that he refused to negotiate.

That’s because this relief bill is not about the American people at all.

The “relief bill” is all about politics and how these elected “representatives” can play the game to get what they want. They have no issues funding pet projects, studies, and foreign nations across the world. They simply do not want to focus on America and dealing with the issues here.

If they were focused on Americans, we would be focused on how we control our national spending, pay down our debt, and enhance the areas of our economy that are struggling due to the coronavirus. Rather than focusing on how to help small businesses and others suffering due to restrictions, we are more focused on helping Sudan and count fish that are in the Gulf of Mexico.

President Trump has yet to sign the “relief bill” with all the other spending measures attached. While Democrats support the additional relief, they will have issues with cutting the pork. It’s unclear that Republicans will support the $2,000 request, but they may not have another choice.

To end it all, Trump took a parting shot in his video. He said if Congress failed to do their jobs, the next administration would have to pass a COVID relief bill. He then reminded everyone that the next administration just might be him after all.

The Swamp Still Exists In Washington DC

The left celebrates the passage of a “coronavirus aid package” that looks more like a congressional wish list. While the bill was two packages in one, it provided a little of the aid that Congress wanted to pass for Americans while providing a lot of aid to things that really do not matter.  What it helps us see is that the swamp still exists in Washington.

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