TikTok user mocks influencers in hilarious videos


One TikTok user has captured the essence of influencers — by poking fun at them.

Erika Priscilla, 27, posts TikTok videos of herself as her influencer character “Qelsi,” pretending to show off new hairstyles, recipes and other style tips.

Priscilla told In the Know that she created Qelsi during the coronavirus lockdown after realizing TikTok wasn’t “strictly for dancing.”

“A lot of my content is inspired by real-life situations, which makes it more relatable to my audience,” she told the website. “I’ve watched this character grow … more exaggerated as I kept creating content.”

“For example, starting every video with ‘hey guys’ or before sharing details of your new top, making it a point to tell everyone you’ve ‘been getting SO many questions about the top,’” she added. “We’ve all been on Instagram for years and have followed an influencer or two so we know a lot use the same words or phrases.”

Though she makes fun of influencers, Priscilla has earned herself quite a fan base. Her TikTok profile has more than 277,400 followers and more than 7.9 million likes. Most of her videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times — and some have even been viewed in the millions.

In one video from last month, Qelsi explains her “go-to face mask look,” while wearing a bathrobe and a towel in her hair.


Here is my go-to face mask look! Fabulous! #ipsypartner #fyp #facemask #skincare #influencer #comedy #SometimesIRun #MyArt @ipsy

♬ original sound – Erika Priscilla

“I wanted to put on this mask and show you guys how to look fabulous with it on,” she says at the beginning of the video.

She goes on to make fun of the fact that she’s wearing a robe and a towel on her head — even though her hair is dry.

Many commenters joked about how accurate her impression was.

“Is this sponsored?” someone wrote. “If it is, your delivery is spot on.”

“It’s the aggressive smiling and laughing and relaxing for me,” another person said.

Another video shows Qelsi wishing her followers “a happy October” and showing them “a few fall essentials that really make fall fall.”

Those included Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pumpkin candles, “a cozy scarf,” Ugg boots and an actual pumpkin.

At the end of the video, she even cut off a piece of raw pumpkin and took a bite out of it.

Again, commenters thought Priscilla’s performance was hilarious.

“Qelsi is close to a breakdown,” one person said. “I just know it. Soon she’ll have an apology video.”

Someone else wrote: “I cannot get enough of these videos.”

“I literally just die laughing every time I watch your videos,” another person said.

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