This is Why College Tuition Should Not Be Free


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Charlotte, NC — Democrats continue to make the argument that we should have student loan forgiveness and provide free education to those who choose to pursue a college degree. While I agree there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to better yourself and educate yourself, I have a big problem with free education.

Especially in light of the most recent reports from Fox News. Davidson College, a university in North Carolina, has decided to offer an Abolish the Police Course. According to the report, the course will aim “to take a philosophical look at the relationship between Blackness and policing in the U.S., according to a course description.” It’s a socialist dream come true.

Now I would love for someone to explain to me what this course will do in regards to helping someone in their professional career? Will it help you learn how to produce or sell more widgets? Does it help you learn how to cure a disease? My guess, and I guess I should say it’s purely speculative, is that this course does absolutely nothing to help you in a career.

What it does accomplish, however, is the absolute waste of tuition, time, and a potential educational opportunity. Someone could take this time to learn a trade that will pay them a six-figure salary, but instead, they are told they should attend college to “better themselves.”

It takes students thousands of dollars into debt in order to “satisfy the requirements of social and scientific thought and for Africana and Sociology majors.” All for a course that teaches them nothing but radical left-wing theology. No doubt it’s considered foundational teaching for critical race theory.

This is the reason that tuition to college should not be free. Democrats would love nothing more than taxpayers to provide free, brainwashing college education to build on their infiltration of the public school system of our nation.

Did I mention that this class does nothing to help someone in a career that contributes to society?

How does learning about nonexistent systemic racism, unfounded oppressive policing, and foundational inequality contribute to society? It doesn’t because those things are simply imaginary ideas promoted by the radical left and their propaganda spewing partners of the mainstream media.

The truth is that this was is not about giving someone an education or helping them improve themselves. If that were the case, we would actually be finding ways to help people to improve themselves. Instead, the radical left argues for ways to continue its Marxist agenda under the guise of “education.”

While there are many good college degrees that can benefit someone’s career, this makes a mockery of such education.

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