Terminally Ill Dog Reportedly Found Abandoned in Walmart Parking Lot Now Living Out Final Days with Bucket List


For a dog now named Theo, 2020 wasn’t looking great. The 13-year-old golden retriever was allegedly dumped in a Walmart parking lot earlier this year and had inoperable testicular cancer.

Who would dump a dog in such a state? And a more pressing question: Who would take this elderly dog in, knowing he didn’t have much time left?

Thankfully, an answer to the latter question was found in Jenny Leech of Illinois. According to a video from Good Morning America, she said initially Theo seemed pretty unhappy and shut-down — but after a bath and a new toy, she realized he wasn’t done quite yet.

And if he wasn’t done, she wasn’t done, either.

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Leech began compiling a bucket list, and generous internet viewers pitched in to make 2020 Theo’s best year yet.

“The bucket list ranges from the simple things in life such as a bite of pizza or a puppachino at Starbucks to starring on our local news TV show,” Leech said, according to Metro. “He has been a guest to business opening nights, the fire station and even been in a small plane used for skydiving.”

“Someone also took him for a ride in their convertible which he loved so much.”

“He is a happy dog despite being so sick, we don’t know how he ended up abandoned but he has a love for life,” she continued.

“His reaction to new things and experiences prompted me to put a bucket list on Facebook – it grew from there. People have been so generous and have sent Theo new toys, treats and even hosted parties for him.”

Eventually, the cancer spread and Theo could no longer walk. Leech sent out the plea for some wheels for the aging pup, and readers delivered.

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“Anyone have any recommendations for a wagon that is long enough and sturdy enough to hold an 80 lb dog?” she posted on Facebook in September.

“We currently have a Step2 small wagon but it’s not quite long enough or sturdy enough for Theo. Or does anyone local have one we could try out before purchasing?”

“[T]hanks to Live Like Roo Foundation and the Booker Fund, Theo will have wheels,” she wrote in a post update. “Thanks to everyone for your help and suggestions.”

As of Oct. 6, Theo is still trucking along, enjoying concerts, solving mysteries, hanging out with his four- and two-legged companions and tasting lots of wonderful treats — but Leech still has a full list of possibilities.

Some of the items Leech shared in her post include “wade in a lake,” “eat steak,” “go to the drive-in,” “receive cards and letters from all over the world” and “have a beer named after me – Theo’s Octopus by Roaring Table.”

These two have a lot of living to do, and if you want to follow their heartwarming journey, you can do so through Leech’s Facebook page.

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