Sacramento mayor blasts protesters who vandalized his home: ‘Anarchy’


The mayor of Sacramento blasted a group of left-wing protesters who tossed rocks at his home while shouting his children’s names last weekend — calling the action “anarchy.”

A group of roughly 50 people targeted Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s home Saturday night in what was supposed to be a demonstration over the city’s handling of homelessness during the pandemic.

The gathering took a violent turn, with one of the rocks thrown at the home destroying a homemade art piece.

“This was not a protest. This was anarchy,” Steinberg said in a statement Monday about the vandalism, the Sacramento Bee reported.

“You want to challenge me, challenge me at City Hall. Challenge me in the community. Challenge me at the ballot box.”

Left-wing activists have been criticizing Steinberg and other city leaders since last summer.

Sacramento Mayor Vandalized Home

A group of left-wing protesters threw rocks at the Sacramento mayor’s house.

Sacramento Police Department via AP

Sacramento Mayor Vandalized Home

Sacramento Mayor Vandalized Home

In what was supposed to be a protest of Sacramento’s handling of homelessness, protestors vandalized Darrell Steinberg’s home.

Sacramento Police Department via AP

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Saturday’s demonstrations came after a homeless person died in Sacramento during a recent winter storm.

Steinberg, in a statement, said many of those at his home were outsiders.

“Many of these masked people are not from Sacramento. They came to harm our community.” he said.

“They involved my family. My family did not get elected. I did.”

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