Ridiculous Time Column Blasts Founding Fathers As Racists


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Charlotte, NC — Amid all the celebration of America’s Independence Day, Time was too focused on sharing content that continued to push the racial divide that the radical left is so desperate to push. The article was titled, “You Can’t Tell the Story of 1776 Without Talking About Race and Slavery.” Throughout the article, the author, Robert Parkinson, was so focused on continuing the critical race theory, race-baiting narrative of the woke radicals.

Throughout the article, the author referenced the 1619 project, the racism that the founding fathers expressed during the Revolutionary War, and how John Adams was essentially a hypocrite. It’s unfortunate that the author fell into the trap of attempting to redefine the history of our great nation that the woke radicals are trying to push.

The author certainly shares some truth as part of the story. It is certainly true that there were stories spread about slave insurrection. But the stories were not spread as a result of racism or to create racism. The founding fathers were concerned with one thing: Freedom.

But now, our nation is not so concerned with freedom. Instead, we see a radical left that is more interested in promoting a story critical race theory and racism. But this is no mistake or simple mission of the radical left. No, it has been well thought out and planned.

I have shared many times about the mission of the radical left is to redefine everything in our world today. This is just another great example of that mission to redefine something. This time, the history of our nation.

That history has been under assault for quite some time by the radical left. They want to erase the stories about the brave men and women who risked everything in order to pursue freedom. Instead, they want you to believe that we achieved freedom on the backs of those oppressed. Those who do are “still not free.”

Not one single person alive today has suffered because of slavery or the sins of the past. Slavery is a dark day in our nation’s history, but all people in this country are and have been free, regardless of the color of their skin. But that’s not the focus of the author or the radical left. They want you to believe that slavery and racism are still an issue.

The scary part is that the author of the Time article is a professor of history at Binghamton University. It continues to show how the radical left has infiltrated the education system, in this instance higher education, to brainwash the youth of America with this anti-American nonsense. Rather than teaching kids the things that matter, such as the importance of freedom from a tyrannical government, they want to teach that America is an oppressive nation and that we must pay for the things of our past.

Which leads us to exactly where we are today. A nation where the youth of our country do not understand the importance of freedom. It’s not just the youth, but many of those who are naive and fall for these ridiculous stories of the radical left. They do not understand that a government that overreaches its bounds to tell you how to live your life and what you can and cannot do is tyranny.

Our founding fathers knew that. They knew what it was like to live tyranny that refused them the freedoms that we take for granted today. Unfortunately, so many in our nation do not understand or appreciate the sacred freedom of our nation.

Of course, we did not get to this place in our nation’s history without the radical left and their brainwashing. Thanks to things such as the 1619 project and radical professors like Robert Parkinson, the left continues to redefine everything in our nation. Then, mainstream outlets, like Time magazine, give them an outlet to try to continue this brainwashing of those outside their normal reach.

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