Psaki: Americans More Interested in Coronavirus Than Their Freedoms


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Charlotte, NC — In her press briefing, Press Secretary Jen Psaki continued to spread radical left propaganda that Americans are willing to give up freedom to end the pandemic. The statements came as she was questioned by Peter Doocy in regards to recent reports that the Biden regime is coordinating with Facebook in order to block people from sharing what they call “misinformation.”

Psaki did all she could to dodge the questions that Doocy was asking, trying to say that he asked a loaded question that was inaccurate. But it’s clear from listening to Psaki that she is only interested in continuing to spread propaganda than actually inform the public.

Doocy asked how long the Biden regime has been spying on Americans, but Psaki refused to answer. She said that the administration was in contact with media and social media regularly, further solidifying the speculation that Big Tech outlets are coordinating their efforts with Biden and Democrats. She refused to discuss the matter and said that there was no secret list.

She continued to talk about people sharing information that was inaccurate. She said the regime’s biggest concern was coronavirus deaths because of lack of vaccination. She said that many of them were not taking it because of information being shared on social media.

Doocy continued by saying that people were concerned because this seemed like Big Brother spying on Americans. Psaki said that she did not believe that. She said she believes that Americans are more interested in saving lives than their privacy and freedom of speech.

Doocy highlighted how many times the information shared that was removed by Facebook was later proven to be true. Doocy specifically mentioned the previous actions of Facebook to block the China lab-leak theory, which has been proven to be likely. Psaki immediately went into denial.

She says that Facebook and Big Tech outlets remove items, not the Biden regime. But that’s not entirely true. Those organizations are acting on the recommendations of the Biden regime. In other words, Biden and his handlers are controlling the media. You can view the entire Psaki-Doocy exchange below.

President Joe Biden continued the rhetoric himself as he said that social media outlets were killing people allowing disinformation to spread online. It’s another Democrat effort to ratchet up support for silencing alternative viewpoints and conservative voices.

The radical left truly believes that Americans do not value their freedoms. They believe that anyone is willing to give up their freedom in turn for government statements of salvation. Are we really at the point where we believe that silencing conservative voices on social media and online is the best method to “save lives.”

Especially when vaccine data continues to show that the vaccines are not as safe as they would like you to believe they are.

The government targeting the speech of individuals, whether in public or on social media platforms, is a big deal. This is communism, not freedom. But that’s exactly what the Democrats want.

Benny on Twitter: “Peter Doocy just destroyed the White House’s calls for censorship of “disinformation” on live TV.Psaki did not see this one coming.Watch the entire video. / Twitter”

Peter Doocy just destroyed the White House’s calls for censorship of “disinformation” on live TV.Psaki did not see this one coming.Watch the entire video.

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