NYPD watchdog to recommend charges against cop over fatal road-rage shooting


New York’s police watchdog is expected to recommend disciplinary charges against the off-duty officer who fatally shot an unarmed driver during a 2016 road-rage encounter, The Post has learned.

The Civilian Complaint Review Board voted Wednesday evening to substantiate an excessive-force complaint against Officer Wayne Isaacs and will soon recommend an internal reprimand over the death of Delrawn Small, according to a source with knowledge of the case.

A spokesman for the CCRB confirmed the vote Thursday afternoon and added, “CCRB prosecutors will vigorously pursue a guilty verdict in the NYPD’s administrative trial room.”

Isaacs, who is still listed on the city’s public payroll, shot and killed Small during a heated confrontation just after midnight on July 4, 2016, on Atlantic Avenue in East New York.

Prosecutors brought criminal charges against the cop — second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter — but he was cleared after a jury trial in 2017.

Isaacs, who admitted to firing three times,  said during the trial that he feared for his life and that Small screamed “I’m gonna f–king kill you” while punching him.

Prosecutors alleged that Small never hit the cop.

Small’s girlfriend and stepdaughter both testified that Isaacs had cut them off just moments before the confrontation.

The not-guilty verdict sparked outrage among his family, the community and activists.

The cop was first to be prosecuted by the New York Attorney General’s Office under Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive order allowing the state agency to bring charges against cops in civilian deaths.

The NYPD did not immediately respond. Isaacs could not be reached.

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