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Charlotte, NC – On Monday, MSNBC held a town hall event with Joe Biden. The event was described as having a group of undecided Florida voters and allowing them to ask questions of Joe Biden. Their propaganda did not go off as they had likely hoped.

Soon after the event aired, several people started talking about how some of those asking questions looked familiar. Two of them had appeared on NBC programming before saying that they were Joe Biden supporters. In this latest propaganda piece, they shared that they were undecided Florida voters.

Many other voters were said to be undecided, but had clear bias. As the linked piece above describes, many had social media posts and presence that was clearly in support of Joe Biden.

Many social media posts were shared showing that the overwhelming majority of these “undecided” votes were not undecided at all.

It highlights the continued coordinated attacks between the mainstream media and the Democratic Party. The DNC is relying on the mainstream media to help Biden get elected, and the media is doing their part.

This has been evident throughout the Trump presidency. They began with the Russia collusion hoax and it has continued with the election. The media refuses to stop spreading their biased propaganda.

NBC is not the only one, they are just the latest. It continues to show the bias against Trump and the mission to stop him.

This is a coordinated effort by all. NBC or any of the other outlets have not offered similar treatment for President Trump. They are openly biased towards Joe Biden. They refuse to try and hide it.

The question you should ask yourself is if Biden needs this much help, how is he qualified to be the President? How is he qualified to lead if he cannot even run an honest campaign without collusion?

While the left wants you to believe you need to worry about the Russian and Chinese interference, that is not the real concern. The real concern is the mainstream media and how the Democrats are using propaganda to shape the narrative and election.

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