Medusa sculpture to be unveiled across from Manhattan court to honor #MeToo


A seven-foot statue of Medusa holding the head of a Greek hero will soon stand across from a Manhattan courthouse where Harvey Weinstein was convicted to honor the #MeToo movement.

“Medusa With The Head of Perseus” will be unveiled Tuesday in a park across from Manhattan Supreme Court, according to sculptor Luciano Garbati.

“The place chosen is not accidental, since there they judge cases for crimes related to violence against women,” Garbati wrote on Instagram.

The bronze sculpture is a reimagined version of Medusa, a figure of ancient Greek mythology who was raped by one of the most powerful gods, Poseidon.

But instead of Poseidon being punished, Medusa was blamed and transformed into a monstrous beast with snakes for hair, as well as a gaze that could turn men into stone.

She was exiled and later hunted down by Perseus, who then displayed her head on his shield as a trophy.

The new effigy, however, gives Medusa a different ending, depicting her as “empowered” as she holds Perseus’ head in self-defense.

“Through this work, Garbati asks ‘how can a triumph be possible if you are defeating a victim?’” the Medusa With The Head Project, which is behind the sculpture, said in a statement.

“This narrative of victim-shaming in stories of sexual violence echoes through time, and into the present day ‘Me Too’ movement.”

Selected by the city parks department, the bronze statue will be on view for six months in Collect Pond Park, just steps from the trial that capped off Weinstein’s stunning fall from grace.

The once-powerful Hollywood mogul was convicted Feb. 24 of raping an aspiring actress and sexually abusing a TV and film production assistant.

The verdict was celebrated by his dozens of accusers and their supporters as a watershed moment for the #MeToo movement.

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