Matt Gaetz Destroys Media’s Cover Up for Andrew Cuomo’s COVID Nursing Home Failures


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Charlotte, NC — As the media kept heaping praise upon and awarding Emmys to murderous New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, he was busy making decisions about how to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. His actions were incompetent, egregious, and terribly irresponsible that they cost the lives of over 15,000 elderly New Yorkers. All of which culminated in one of the greatest losses of life due to a solitary even the state of New York has ever experienced. That’s really saying something!

Conservatives and people on the Left willing to provide an honest assessment will rightly agree. One of those individuals is Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-1). Gaetz, without any equivocation, made it crystal clear that while Governor Cuomo is responsible for New York’s death count, it’s the legacy media that aided him in the effort. While appearing on Justice with Judge Jeanine, Congressman Gaetz made it abundantly clear the media’s absolutely culpable in Cuomo’s deadly COVID disaster.

“The media is absolutely culpable in advancing the mythology of Cuomo that is belied by the facts, and the facts keep getting uglier and uglier,” said Gaetz. “Both for the Governor of New York and the media.”

“Now it wasn’t just Ron DeSantis they were smearing,” he continued. “At the time we were going through a presidential election and while they were promoting Andrew Cuomo as the great oracle of response to the coronavirus they were conducting the flu-d’etat against our president. Acting as if everything he was doing was causing this virus more deadly.”

“The 45th president put us on the path to the fastest, safest vaccine development the world has ever know,” he said. “And we are still seeing the consequence of President Donald Trump’s actions in the saving of lives and, sadly, we’re only starting to unearth the extent to which the actions of Gov. Cuomo cost lives.”

Gaetz RIPS Cuomo’s COVID Cover-Up: “He Has Blood on His Hands”

We’re still witnessing how Donald Trump’s actions as president SAVED lives.We’re just beginning to unearth how Governor Cuomo’s actions COST lives.(FOX News/…

Pointing out how Cuomo and his administration were capable of shaving down the numbers related to nursing home deaths, Gaetz pointed out one can’t ignore the fact these most vulnerable New Yorkers became ill in these nursing homes but died in NY hospitals. The government deliberately rearranged these numbers in order to make deaths in nursing homes seem significantly less than what they actually were. Why? To insulate and protect Cuomo, of course.

“They were doing it to cover up the choices that they made that put blood on their hands,” he said.

As Cuomo’s poll numbers continue to drop, the walls keep closing in on the shameful governor. Even Democratic New York lawmakers have finally showed up to the party and have begun calling for an investigation into Cuomo’s actions resulting in so many deaths as facts continue to come to light. Additionally, this has caused Cuomo to unbelievably lash out at the same lawmakers, even those in his own party, claiming their calls for investigations are “extortion” and illegal.

The audacity of this man is off the charts despicable! As even Democrats begin turning on Cuomo, it likely won’t be long until the media is held responsible for its part as well. And they should be!

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