Marshawn Lynch teased football return during wild FCF commentary


Marshawn Lynch went feast mode Saturday night before teasing his return to the football.

The former Seahawks running back never actually got on the field, but still made his presence known as the new Fan Controlled Football (FCF) league kicked off. As one of the owners of the four teams — the Beasts, as in Beast Mode — he joined the broadcast of the game before his team played and predicted he might even suit up after taking care of some business.

“I’m gonna go ahead and throw back this Caesar salad with these croutons and all this s–t, though right. Go ahead and take me a nice fat s–t, get my stomach all right and everything and I’m finna go out here and try to run for 200 on a 50-yard field,” Lynch told the announcers during the broadcast on Twitch.

The FCF had also teased Lynch’s return, releasing a photo of him in a jersey and pads, but he never ended up playing.

“… Basically he felt he was taking snaps away from the starter, so he was ready to run out and backed out like a true owner with empathy,” Bryan Kirsch, the communications advisor for the FCF, told USA Today. “We are trying to get him back on the broadcast to talk about it.”

Lynch did not reappear on the broadcast, but his Beasts came out with the win over Johnny Manziel’s Zappers, 48-44.

The 34-year-old Lynch last played for the Seahawks after signing with Seattle in the final week of the 2019 season. He even started their divisional round playoff game, taking 12 carries for 26 yards and two touchdowns in a 28-23 loss to the Packers.

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