Mailman attacked by sex-crazed duck gets hilarious apology


A British mail carrier cried fowl after a “vicious sex-manic” duck ruffled his feathers during his rounds — but its owners apologized and promised to keep the horny bird under control, according to a report.

Steve Hinds, 58, was first attacked by Bob in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, on Saturday, when he tried to deliver letters to the Muscovy duck’s owners, Deadline News reported.

After the sex-crazed duck chased him again twice, Hinds vowed not to return unless Bob’s owners hatched a plan to contain him.

“To our postie. We are so sorry Bob has been attacking you (he attacks us too),” the owners wrote Hind in a note they attached to their gate.

“He used to be lovely and cuddly, now he is a vicious sex-manic. We have penned him and hopefully he won’t escape!” added the family, which also gave Hinds a chocolate bar as a peace offering.

“Lovely appologetic (sic) note from one of my customers today about the duck that attacked me,” Hinds wrote on Facebook about his frightful encounters.

User Hazel Isgate reacted to the post by saying: “Aw that quacked me up and I was feeling a little ‘down.’”

Hinds told the news outlet that Bob began “hissing” before charging at him while “snapping its beak.”

“I had to shoo it off with my letters. Anyway on Monday, the lady had a parcel, but I took it to the neighbors’ and told them to have a word with the lady for me,” he said.

“Yesterday when I went I found the note on the gate with a Crunchie bar,” Hinds continued.

“I went through the gate as it was fenced off from the duck now, delivered the letter and the duck got through the fence again while the neighbors were watching!” he said.


Muscovy Duck (cairina moschata) male, UK

Muscovy Duck (cairina moschata) male, UK

Alamy Stock Photo

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“I’m hoping after today they will fix the fence so the duck can’t get through or they won’t be getting their mail. I was surprised by the note, though. I thought, ‘How nice is that?’ It makes you feel appreciated.”

Bob’s owner, Donna Wilson, 45, said she bought duck eggs during the coronavirus lockdown – and Bob was hatched on May 5.

“He is lovely, he’s so handsome and at the start he loved us. He was so cuddly and we were feeding him by hand — but now he’s reached male maturity and he has just become a vicious sex-maniac,” she told Deadline News.

“He chases everyone — he postman, the pizza deliveryman, me and my girls. We’ve all been pecked,” she continued. “I didn’t even know he’d been attacking Steve until my neighbor said, so now I’ve fenced him in,” Wilson said.

“We also have another female duck named Teddy, who regularly has to succumb to his amorous advances. He’s just full of testosterone and hormones — he is wild,” she added.

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