Letters to the editor — Feb. 2, 2021


The Issue: Gov. Cuomo’s response when asked about COVID deaths in nursing homes.

Our governor, who gets praise for writing a book on the pandemic, had an inhuman and callous response regarding the elderly in either nursing homes or hospitals who died of COVID (“Callous Cuomo shrugs it off,” Jan. 30).

Would he have the same attitude if his beloved mother Matilda was in one of these facilities? I’m sure he would have taken a different approach.

Governor, open your eyes and heart and please change your tune. Many people have lost their loved ones, and it seems you don’t have a care in the world. Who are you going the blame now?

Calli Young

The Bronx

It is the epitome of hubris but certainly not surprising that Cuomo is now trying to blame others — and, worse, diminishing these deaths as merely a consequence of uncontrollable events.

Day after day, the governor was on TV, showing the country he was completely in charge and that he knew best how to fight the pandemic.

Aided and abetted by local and national media, he is essentially getting a free pass for the mistakes and decisions that he and he alone made.

I wonder how many deaths Cuomo could’ve prevented had he used the resources that he asked for and that President Donald Trump and his team provided for the people of New York.

Michael D’Auria


Cuomo doesn’t care about how seniors died from COVID.

It seems he also doesn’t care that my 96-year-old mother and other seniors like her are not able to get an appointment for the vaccine.

He will probably blame Trump for the fact that the current state vaccination system is a mess, since he has no other excuse.

Why Democrats think he is such a hero is beyond my comprehension.

Lenny Rodin

Forest Hills

Cuomo’s performance at the press conference regarding the nursing-home deaths was despicable.

His arrogance and callous disregard for the deaths of so many of our cherished elderly that he caused is further proof that he is unfit to govern.

The fact is he has disregarded the very basic principle of governance — to protect the health and safety of those he was elected to represent. Period.

Robert DiNardo


What kind of answer is that? Cuomo is toxic and needs to be held accountable.

Let’s not forget what a great job he did throughout the entire pandemic: He printed a poster of his great, curve-defeating COVID policy, followed by a book on his remarkable achievements in slaying the virus and capped it all off by receiving a much-deserved Emmy.

How blessed is New York to have such an honest and modest governor?

Raymond Fontana

Westbrook, Conn.

As soon as everyone realizes Cuomo is a hypocritical, thin-skinned punk, just like his brother “Fredo,” the better.

If the circumstances had been different for their elderly mother, and she had been sick and not living in her own home, you think there would be any chance that she would have been forced into the confines of a virus-hot nursing home? Of course not.

Any decision that Cuo­mo makes that turns out favorable is his alone. All others resulting in unfavorable press or second-guessing is the fault of others, preferably Trump.

Jake McNicholas


It’s a Democratic-politician thing. Remember when Hillary Clinton said, “What difference does it make?” when Americans were slaughtered in Benghazi? Unless it affects them personally, it doesn’t matter.

The “news” that Cuomo did something so atrocious — sending infected patients into vulnerable nursing home, staging a cover-up and now his cavalier dismissal of our loved ones who suffered and died — doesn’t matter to liberal journalists. They made him a hero, so they aren’t going to destroy their narrative now.

D. M. Diana

Greeley, Pa.

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