King Biden Is Committed to Try and Take Your Guns


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Charlotte, NC — On Tuesday, press secretary Jen Psaki was questioned about Biden’s plans for gun control after Biden made comments asking Congress to act. Psaki dodged the question mostly, saying that no proposals have been made as of yet. But reporters continued to press her.

In the video of the event, Psaki makes a statement that should raise eyebrows across all political aisles. It wasn’t about what Joe Biden intends to do, but how.

When asked if Joe Biden was considering acting on gun control measures by executive order, she confirmed that it was on the table and being considered. You can see the full video of the press conference below and the comments she made.

White House Holds Press Briefing: February 16 | NBC News

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Everyone knew as Joe Biden went into office that he was going to attempt some form of gun control. We have written many times about Biden’s gun control plans, as he has suggested multiple methods in which he could act. In his suggestion about acting under a national health emergency, he is hoping it would expand his powers enough to overpower the Constitution. Psaki even indicated that Biden is committed to enacting some level of gun control.

In other words, King Biden is committed to try and take your guns. I say King Biden because Biden has yet to accomplish one single thing in Congress. He knows he can’t. He cannot get all the Democrats on the same page and there’s no Republican that would dare consider such a bold move against the Second Amendment.

But don’t be fooled, Biden will act on guns in some manner. The real question is which one. Will he act through the national health emergency, executive order, or both?

Personally, I think he will attempt to combine the two in some manner, to make it more difficult to unravel the orders entirely. He will probably be unable to completely ban those so-called “assault weapons” as they like to refer to. He could try to make any legal gun owner’s life a living nightmare through registration, regulation, and government fees associated with owning such a firearm.

He had already suggested using the tax stamp system as a means to regulate large-capacity magazines and assault weapons. If he combines the measures into a public health crisis and an executive order, it may be difficult to overturn entirely., even though it is unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court hesitated to act on many cases involving coronavirus restrictions across the country. While in some cases they did act, in others they didn’t. The inconsistency proves that the nation’s highest court would probably approach the case with caution. That said, I do not see how the Supreme Court would not take measures to overturn restrictions on gun owners if attempted by executive order alone.

That’s where the public health crisis plays a major role. Can Biden justify the public health crisis enough to cause the Supreme Court to question the health aspect of the measures or the lack thereof? Hopefully, I do not need to remind you that guns are controlled by people, not the other way around.

The issue is not the gun or the millions of legal gun owners. The issue is those who obtain guns illegally, which none of these measures will address. These guns will not remove illegal firearms from the streets, high-capacity magazines from criminal firearms, or make our nation safer. It will make each of our homes much more at risk of violent crime.

King Biden is going to act, it’s just a matter of time. We have to be paying attention to what he is going to do. We have to be committed to fighting for our Constitution and our protected freedoms. We may have to remind Joe Biden who is really in charge of this country. It’s not King Biden, it’s we the people.

Here Comes Biden After Your Guns

On Tuesday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed what we all knew. Joe Biden is coming after our guns. She said it was his personal mission and he was committed to doing so. While many thought he may act through legislation, she indicated that he is considering executive action.  Executive action against a Constitutionally protected right is an interesting thought.

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