Kathleen Turner to star in Richard Nixon HBO series


Her next take is a bribe

Kathleen Turner on her new HBO series “The White House Plumbers”:

“It’s Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux, who also co-produced it. It’s about Nixon. My character’s Dita Beard, the woman who was exposed for bribing and which started it all. We filmed through grass and trees because we worked upstate. An empty hospital became our office.

“I had to read all about it because I was in high school in London when this happened so I wasn’t wrapped up on the story.”

Following three films with Michael Douglas, starting with ’84’s “Romancing the Stone,” it’s: “We often do lunch. He likes being home by evening. He’s been in England doing the new ‘Ant’ movie. When he called, I’d been shooting a little independent thing in an absolutely awful small steel town outside Toronto. I’m thinking, ‘What the hell’s wrong with me? Michael’s in London sounding great and I’m in this awful place.’ Two weeks quarantine. In a B&B, which I couldn’t leave even for a walk. No one allowed in. Groceries left outside. God, that place was desperate.”

In old sultry days she went nude in a movie and says: “Once was complete nudity. I had a few glasses of wine before we started. For ‘The Graduate’ I had body makeup. It was 22 seconds and completely choreographed. Precise. Here you roll right and we see this, that … the whole thing’s story-boarded.

“Minimum people on set. I mean, you’re completely exposed. Worst was one night my dresser disappeared — fallen asleep or something, nowhere to be found — and I had to get right back on set right away. It was like, ‘What the hell . . .’ That was bad. Really bad.”

Now hear this

Today, broadcaster Bill Kurtis and narrator NBC’s Brian Williams launching “We Interrupt This Broadcast: Before It Was History, It Was News.” Presented over six seasons, 10 events — two on early American moments. Each have today’s journalists analyzing how fellow reporters covered the event.

Like: June 4, 1919. Passing the 19th Amendment. 1937’s Hindenburg disaster. June 6, 1944’s D-Day. 1963’s JFK assassination. 1969’s Apollo moon landing. 1981 Reagan shot. Aug. 31, 1997, Princess Diana’s death. Nov. 8, 2000, presidential election, which they titled “Nobody Knows Who Won Florida.”

Something free

Forget NYC, all civilization’s inching out. Wichita, Kan., teacher Alexandra Stamps’ fifth-graders will be her junior bridesmaids. Morilee wedding designer Madeline Gardner donated 23 dresses, plus the bride’s free gown. The area’s baker, realty renter, hair salon and other merchants are also donating. Deborah Norville’s “Inside Edition” were at the wedding.

Please, may TV’s “Divorce Court” not need an episode.

Not self-directed

Director David Zucker told the Creative Coalition’s Robin Bronk: “Katzenberg had this script ‘Ruthless People.’ I asked Danny DeVito, ‘Mind three directors?’ He said ‘Please, I’m used to 10 directors.’ ”

Very peeved about pets

End of the world is coming. At least, theatrically. “How It Ends” stars Helen Hunt, Olivia Wilde, Colin Hanks, Bradley Whitford and Whitney Cummings, who says: “I play madness ringleader Mandy who’s having an ‘End of the World’ wild party. An actor wonders ‘How do I act like it’s the end of the world?’ I can play jealousy or fearful, but end of the world?”

Fast talker in person, she says: “People ask ‘You on Adderall?’ I can’t help if my natural personality seems like I’m on drugs.” And if real end of the world’s coming, treat your pets better or she’s coming for you. “If not long to live, I’ll go murder animal abusers. Take out a few I think need to go.”

“How It Ends” begins today. 

Mazel tov to us all. Restaurants are opening. One table of six, sitting outside in a bicycle lane, all ordered the same thing. Rubber chicken.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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