Get Ready Churches, Persecution is Coming!


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Charlotte, NC — For years I remember hearing people describe and talk about the persecution that the early church faced. It was a rather violent depiction of hatred toward those who aligned themselves with the teachings of Christ. Crucifixion, burning alive, stoned to death, or many other torturous things happened to many people who identified as a person of faith.

While the method of the torture may be different, it seems like the time of persecution of the church is again drawing closer.

We have all seen a transition in recent years. Evangelical Christians who aligned with former President Donald Trump were told to keep quiet. In October, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo spoke for many of those on the radical left when he said Christians were not welcome in public life.

Even President Joe Biden has faced the scrutiny of the church in recent days with his stance on abortion. Abortion is against the beliefs of the Catholic church. Well, those that actually truly believe the teachings of the church. Joe Biden is a practicing Catholic and many US bishops wanted to deny him communion. Instead, his DC church stepped in and said anyone can take it, calling it nourishment rather than a prize.

In what used to be something respected around the country and world, churches are now being viewed as adversarial to the cause of the radical left. People of faith are being viewed as those who may be preventing the march toward ending injustices across the country and the world.

Take for example the recent vandalism of churches in Canada. Ten churches were vandalized on Canada Day, Canada’s celebration of independence. That followed many churches that were torched in Canada in recent months, all over the cause of “injustice toward Indigenous people.” Not to mention the pastor that has been jailed over his refusal to abide by COVID mandates from the Canadian government.

Some will argue that our nation’s founding documents will protect us from this happening here. Many will argue that our Constitution guarantees us the freedom of religion. The words on the page may state that, but the radical left has proved that it has little love for those words, or anything else in the Constitution for that matter.

A pastor was jailed in Florida for holding church services outside the COVID orders. Churches across the country were forced out of their churches in favor of government restrictions and mandates in the ultimate show of force against religious freedom. Some churches took a stand against the action, choosing to take their battle to the courts in an argument that the Supreme Court would ultimately uphold their freedom.

But The Supreme Court is not a group to place your faith in either. As churches in California sued the state government over COVID restrictions, the Supreme Court was divided over the case. It shows how close (1-2 justices) we are to a nation that will overrule religious freedom for the sake of government.

The hatred of Christians continues to build around the country and the world. Acts of arresting pastors, vandalizing and burning churches, and declaring that Christians are not welcome is a story we would expect from the other side of the world. Instead, it’s happening right here in America and in areas very close to home.

Now, more than ever, the church needs to be a leader in this world. We must take a stand for the things we believe in. Unlike the DC Catholic church, we must take a stand for God, life, truth, and our principles. When we do, we must also be prepared for the persecution that is to come.

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