FBI Reports Armed Protests Being Planned in All 50 States


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Charlotte, NC — The FBI has released a new bulletin that warns that armed protests are being planned in all 50 states. The bulletin was first reported by ABC News. The bulletin says that all 50 state capitols are being targeted, including the US Capitol, with armed protests ahead of Inauguration Day.

The FBI specifically calls it “storming” the various levels of government houses in the memo. The FBI sent the information to state and local officials in order to step up security at these locations ahead of and including Inaugration Day.

The FBI has been busy of late as it has been assisting in the investigation after the chaos at the Capitol last Wednesday. The agency reports it has received over 45,000 digital media tips and continues to ask the publci for help in identifying persons of interest.

While much of the blame for the events last week has centered around President Donald Trump, it appears that Capitol Police knew of the potential for a riot before it occurred. Yahoo News reports that the FBI and NYPD both shared information with Capitol Police about the potential for violence.

The Capitol Police did not prepare for the violence apprently as the security details surrounding the Capitol were quickly overmatched by extremists. The Capitol Police Chief has resigned in the wake of the events. He has said his requests for assistance were denied after multiple requests for backup.

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