Democrats begin to face the truth of Amy Coney Barrett


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Charlotte, NC — On Monday, the Senate will start the confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett. Republicans claim that they have the votes to confirm Barrett no matter what, so it seems there is little the Democrats can do to stop the nomination. That has not stopped their efforts to undermine her and the process.

Biden and Harris have been campaigning against Barrett and her nomination. Biden said that appointment of Barrett was ‘not constitutional’ in recent comments. He and Harris have both argued that the American people should be able to decide, but that’s exactly what America did just 4 years ago.

It seems unlikely that this will be the sexual harassment allegation show that the Kavanaugh hearing was, but it will most likely prove fierce. The left has shown they are not afraid to go after Barrett’s family, faith, well anything for that matter. She was called an extremist just a couple weeks ago.

Another left-wing media outlet said that she’s just like President Trump. They said she is cynical and that she taunted Ginsburg and the seat during her press conference. There is going to be little off the table in attacking her during this process.

Now, it seems they are turning their attention to trying to force her to recuse herself from cases. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) indicated that she should recuse herself from any hearings involving the Affordable Care Act if she were confirmed. They do not like that she disagreed with Chief Justice John Roberts and his previous decision involving the ACA.

The truth is, that’s what justices do. They sometimes have differing viewpoints. This is why we often see opinions and dissents when the court releases their decisions. They do not always agree with what happens in cases.

Biden and Harris continue to dodge the truth about their plans if they were to win in November. They refuse to tell the American people the truth, that they have every intention to pack the court. This is why I do not believe they will cause quite the show as they did in the Kavanaugh hearing.

They know that if they win, all they have to do is eliminate the filibuster and pack the court with liberal justices. They only need to win the Senate and White House. If you believe the polls, both seem within their grasp.

This creates quite the issue for conservatives in contrast. If Biden were to win, it creates a dismal outlook for two things that we all love: opportunity and freedom.

The stacking of a Supreme Court would remove the checks and balances of our government and pave the way towards socialism. The socialist plans of Harris will not be hidden long, as Biden will surely be out during the first term. It’s a scary thought.

While Democrats face the facts about Barrett, they do not feel defeated. They refuse to feel defeated until they see the election results on November 4th. If Biden were to win, they realize that they have won the “war” and will change America as we know it.

The Dismal Outlook For Opportunity And Freedom

The Senate is set to start confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett this week. While many conservatives will be excited, the left is starting to face the facts. Barrett appears well on her way to the nomination.  That is not saying that Democrats will not make this into a show as they did with Kavanaugh.

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