Cuba Blames US For Civil Unrest


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Miami, FL — On Monday, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel blamed the US for civil unrest and protests across his country. Reuters reports that Diaz-Canel blamed US economic asphyxiation for the cause of the unrest, refusing to accept responsibility for oppressive control over the people of Cuba. The US increased economic sanctions against Cuba during the Trump administration.

Those sanctions have not changed under the Biden regime. US media also seemed to want to blame the Trump administration for the crumbling Cuban economy and the cries for freedom amid the dictatorship.

Kyle Drennen on Twitter: “[email protected] tries to blame the Trump administration for Cuba’s crumbling economy / Twitter”

@CBSThisMorning tries to blame the Trump administration for Cuba’s crumbling economy

According to Reuters report, Diaz-Canel said, “In the last few weeks the campaign against the Cuban revolution has increased in social media, drawing on the problems and shortages we are living.” US President Joe Biden says that he stands with the people of Cuba, as have many others across the US political spectrum.

Cuban officials have been working to suppress protests with baseball bats and by cutting internet access to citizens across the country. Other reports share that water and power have also been cut by officials.

It is also reported that leadership of the nation is denying medical attention to those who may need it as the protests continue. It is worth noting that Cuba has a version of the Medicare for All program that Democrats have proposed in the United States.

The actions of the Cuban government to suppress the voice of the people and to deny them many basic rights is appalling. The desire of freedom does not come from the economic sanctions of the Trump administration or the movements on social media. The desire for freedom comes from oppressive rule that the Cuban government has placed the people under for some time.

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