Anti-Asian Hate Is Not the Emergency Crisis the Left Claims


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Charlotte, NC — Since the tragic shootings earlier this week in Atlanta, we have all been bombarded with left-wing propaganda about the “systemic anti-Asian hate” that is filling America. Mainstream outlets have run stories like this one, where they talk about how anti-Asian hate is on the rise. NBC News shared how there was an extraordinarily high percentage increase in these crimes in New York City and Los Angeles.

If you look at the numbers, there were less than 3 incidents per month in New York City. In Los Angeles, it was around 2 per month. That’s certainly no excuse for the crimes, don’t take me wrong. What I am saying is that the anti-Asian hate that the Left is propagating is simply not the emergency crisis that they claim.

With all the coverage that it is receiving on mainstream outlets, you would think it’s a widespread epidemic. They certainly seem to be claiming that, along with how white supremacy is so horrible and widespread as well. The shooter said it was not racially motivated, but the mainstream media argues that it is simply how a white man is attempting to relieve himself of any responsibility for what happened.

I do not think there is any denying the responsibility for what happened. A man shot multiple people in a shooting spree across multiple massage parlors. There were 8 killed, another Hispanic man was injured. Of those killed, there were Whites, Hispanic, and Asian all represented in those who were shot. Yet, the mainstream media and the Democrats want you to focus on the “systemic hate” against Asians.

When these types of things happen, you really have to look at what is taking place. Democrats let their secret out many years ago that they do not ever want to let a tragedy go to waste. They want to capitalize on them each and every time. So while they are busy using the deaths of these Asians in a disgusting manner, what are they really up to behind the scenes?

Well, it is an obvious distraction from a real crisis that is going on that affects those across the country. The crisis at the border is spiraling out of control, where border agents are overwhelmed and there is little to no reporting on the facts surrounding the crisis. Joe Biden and his administration shut down reports to the media about it. Instead, they want you to focus on anti-Asian hate.

The reports are that the current surge at the border is the highest it has been in 20 years. You are not hearing that on mainstream media outlets. Left-wing outlets are instead saying that the crisis is simply being politicized. Speaker Pelosi claims that Biden has the border crisis under control. If that’s the case, why is he refusing to allow media outlets to receive information and report on what is taking place?

What details we do have are painting a grim picture. Nearly 10,000 minors are in those “cages” as the Democrats liked to refer to them. In fact, Health and Human Services said that in addition to the 10,000 that are being held in typical child holding areas, nearly 5,000 more are being held in adult areas. The number of those detained at the border has doubled since January according to unofficial reports.

There are so many streaming across the border that the Biden administration is considering flying these folks to Canada in order to process them. They are admitting all unaccompanied children and are considering flying those who they can to the northern border, where they will be processed and allowed into the United States. Rather than taking a hardline stance against the illegal streams of immigrants flowing over the border, Biden has decided to let them all come in. Best of all, he allowed them all to come in without abiding under any COVID restrictions, like the Democrats are forcing Americans to live under.

Then the Democrats will pass their latest immigration act to give them all citizenship. That’s what they were pushing for in the House this week, as they passed the latest citizenship act on Thursday. That story was largely buried amid the anti-Asian hate situation that the mainstream media wants you to see. They want to claim a crisis of hate when the real crisis is one of abandoning US law and placing US lives at risk through illegal immigration.

One thing that all Americans should know by now, if the Left is excited about something, it’s probably a lie or a non-story. Such was the case with Russia collusion hoax and many more. It’s just a distraction from what is really taking place. Which is that Biden is allowing thousands to stream into this country every week, placing US citizens safety at risk and has every intention of giving these people citizenship very soon.

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