An Extended Government Shutdown Would Be Good for America


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Charlotte, N.C. – On the heels of the new COVID relief bill defeat, Democrats and Republicans continue to battle in Congress on how to get a new round of stimulus money to desperate, in-need Americans. 

The problem? Democrats and some moderate Republicans tried to bury massive amounts of pork-barrel spending into the COVID bill, ending with President Trump demanding a cut in foreign aid and liberal pet projects padding the gigantic $2.3 trillion coronavirus aid and spending package.

While millions of Americans faced the risk of losing jobless benefits on Saturday and the threat of a partial government shutdown next week, Democrats were busy sending billions of dollars to countries like Burma, Cambodia, and Egypt. Liberals portrayed their $600 payments as “enough” to assist families nearing bankruptcy or homelessness back here at home in America. 

Of the total $2.3 trillion, only $892 billion was for actual coronavirus relief, and the other $1.4 trillion was proportioned for regular government appropriations. 

As many Americans sit at home and wonder how much of their hard-earned money these out-of-touch politicians in D.C. will return to them, they fail to understand the real issue. And that is, as a direct result of Democratic local and state policy, many have found themselves out of work, increased food and fuel prices, and local small businesses within their community either closed for good or scrambling daily to say afloat. 

Meanwhile, from Congress’s halls to every gubernatorial mansion in America, politicians haven’t missed a meal or a paycheck. Even more, many political leaders have continued to live their life of luxury, and even going so far as to defy their executive and legislative orders of mask-wearing, home confinement, and social distancing. 

It is high time that governments, large and small, feel the pain of everyday Americans. During the last government shutdown of 2018-2019, nine out of 15 federal departments are closed. More than 420,000 federal employees worked without pay, including agents from the FBI, ATF, DEA, CBP, and staff from the State Department, Coast Guard, IRS, and Department of Homeland Security.

According to, as of Dec 18, 2020, the average annual pay for a Government Employee in the United States is $63,659 a year, or $30.61 an hour. But for non-government, regular American workers, the median wage is $19.33 per hour, which translates into about $40,000 per year for a full-time, full-year worker. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Democratic lawmakers have decimated small and large businesses, leaving millions of Americans out of work and out of luck. Meanwhile, most government workers have either kept their employment or received more congressional relief packages than working-class Americans. 

Government has grown beyond control and the thoughts of our nation’s founders and the confines set forth by our Constitution. The only way for the government to begin to return to work for ordinary Americans and their families is to ensure they feel the same pain and are held to the same standard. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. It is high-time America regains her freedom. It starts with the plucking of the feathers philandering politicians who promise everything but only pads their own pockets along the way. 

Eric Wright is the Editor-at-Large at The Liberty Loft and host of The Closet Conservative Podcast. Be sure to subscribe to The Liberty Loft’s daily newsletter.

Reject Socialistic Scraps

For those who have strayed from your Christmas table and attempted to wrap their head around the madness contained in the new COVID-19 bill, like me, you are Godsmacked! Just listen to some of the money that today’s lame-duck liberals and wanna be conservative Congressmen and women were attempting to squander and steal from the American people.

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